Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 1 - diet

I am not sure if this is something I will be able to keep on top of daily but I really want to make sure I have posts to keep track of and help keep me motivated.

Today is my first day following a total meal replacement diet. I am slightly nervous about sharing all of my thoughts on here because I am sure they will be quite personal. All I know is I have felt for a few months now that I need to find myself again, I have had some big changes the last few years. A lot of them turning out very differently to how I imagined them to be, in good ways just that take a different kind of adjustment.

Another motivating factor is the cost of the diet! I don't wish to disclose it but I definitely know that it will motivate me not wanting to waste money!

Changing my husband and I's habits for the better to instill some kind of positive habits for the future is a sub goal I want to come out of this diet. I want to get rid of the unnecessary problems that come from being overweight.

Obviously the way I look and feel about my body are also quite encouraging and my skinny clothes box in our loft is a very pretty consideration! Just as wearing those clothes and feeling like my 18 year old self will be amazing!!!

How do you cope with dieting? Has anyone done the Lipotrim and has any advice for me?

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