Saturday, 26 February 2011

Laura Ashley Lampshade restyle

This is my first attempt at a tutorial, tutorials are something I want to be able to publish so that you can benefit from my ideas but also if I need to repeat anything I have a record of where to start!!

We picked up both of these at Trago Mills, the lampshades were £2.99 each and the spray paint was £3.99. There was enough paint for both of the lampshades and a small photo frame. This definitely cost less than what it would have in Laura Ashley!!

This is all you need:

Even though I did this outside, I put down some old newspaper because of the spray paint getting everywhere! Now, there is a technique to spray painting - something Mr HB (Mr Home Bird) had down much better than I! Spray with a sweeping arm; imagine you are waving slowly like the queen! 

Try to just coat the metal initially so that you don't get drip lines, more of a tacky surface. 

Otherwise this is what you will get! 

Once we move into our new home -  a post for a later date - I will take a picture of these 2 in situ.
This didn't take us long at all, the paint drying was our only hold up.We popped out in between the rugby halves! So glad England won again!

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