Wednesday, 30 October 2013

We are loving fruit bread

Kind of a random post title, but this seems to be the in thing for Isabelle at the moment. I mean she loves raisins like they are going out of fashion and the combination of the bread has meant she is eating more too. Which is a win for me!

October has been an interesting month for us, we have holidayed with friends, Andy has had to call the AA to our broken down car - all fixed now though! We know the gender of our second child, I have been seriously considering/exploring/planning/developing ideas for additions to my etsy shop and to try and step things up a little in that area, poor Andy has worked ridiculously hard as usual both at work and college. It has been good.

I have some tutorials and Christmas ideas coming soon because that's how I've been spending my evenings once Isabelle is asleep. It has been productive!

I am not a big fan of Halloween, Andy is. So we shall see what happens tomorrow night. I doubt it will be anything big .....

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