Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Time for tea

I still cannot decide what to do with this space, I would love to be creating and lead an exciting life but at the moment all I can manage is Isabelle! And the house, that's doing pretty ok at the moment.

Interestingly so is sleep, I really felt that I wouldn't be able to do the cry it out thing and I don't think I have properly as Isabelle still has one feed in the night. But I can cope! I can feel normal and function very well with just that one feed. 

So that gives me hope that this little blog and etsy shop can still exist and even - dare I say it - grow.

I feel like I am getting a creative part of me back, which is very exciting. With Isabelle's first birthday only 3 months away that is in the back of my mind, the decorations and activities. Just the nice things I want to do for her.  

Who is still around? Anyone have any suggestions for a little girlies first birthday party? I love pinterest for this very reason!

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