Thursday, 3 November 2011


I have been quite poor at updating this space lately, I have been lazy with a lot of things - the pressure of maintaining (pahh) a home, studying and working has been getting on top of me again. Some days I feel in control and others I wish I hadn't gotten out of bed.

Anyways, moving to the end of the week I am looking forward to the weekend to see family and to shift a cold I seem to have developed. Provided things go to plan I am also hoping to get some college work done.

I was having a random look around and stumbled upon, it seems like such a brilliant idea. I mean developing a new business is difficult financially but to actually have a place where if its a viable idea you are actually publicizing the very idea you are hoping to sell. Brilliant!! For anyone who wants to test the waters with a new idea this place would definitely give you a real impression of demand. It would just be useful for it to be open to people outside of the US.

Have a great weekend too

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